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Me and My Twin’s XPERIA Play

June 21, 2012


I hated my XPERIA Play so much.
But then.

Even my twin traded his Neo V for XPERIA Play.
We just loved the sliding function.

With not so big yet OK 4′ screens.
And a ‘board’ for you to hold the phone.
When watching videos no more fingers around your screen.

And the unique part.
No heavy casings.
Just different looks from ordinary XPERIA Play.


Cannot Connect To Camera

June 19, 2012

Oh well.

Dual camera.
I’m bloody impressed.

Was so happy snapping with my XPERIA play only to realize..

No zoom.
5MP, hmm.. Still OK.

Switched to front camera.
The bullshit came.
And bricked my phone camera function.

Until I’ve found CAMERA MOD for XPERIA PLAY.

TQ Sony Ericsson, now dead, replaced as SONY.

Sony XPERIA Play.. Screwed..

June 19, 2012

I’ve spent so much on you little baby.
I’ve thought you’ll be a companion for my mobile life.

And yes.
From the first day I got hold of you.
You’ve lagged like a Windows 95 PC.
You’ve drained of your life in the shortest time I can imagine.

But I go on.
I’ve bought you dressings.
I’ve given you enough juice.
I tried to treat you with tender, loving and care.
But yes, you performed well.
Then crashed down the drain again.


What an XPERIA to own.
What a play to rely on.
I guess Im really getting another replacement.
And will put you on showcase, OK?