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LED/LCD Issues..

August 24, 2016

Ok. Im one of the victim as well, actually.

Got that new flatscreen TV. Then you spot some issues:

  • Image is lagging behind audio
  • Sound difference across channels
  • Image is overly too bright or dull
  • Is my TV gonna last long?

Ok, so here we go as we try to troubleshoot the issue, one after another. Ill be using my Toshiba UI (user interface) as an example, though most TVs uses about the same layout.

A. The lagging image issue.

This is usually caused by some additional features that tries to boost or clean the image before it shows up on the screen.

Press MENU on the remote, and head down to Picture / Image setting. Since we are adjusting several settings at once, Ill set my TV first to Dynamic picture mode (we will later tweak this).

As for my Toshiba TV, they have Contrast Booster in the Picture Settings, Ill disable it first.

Also for my TV, it has Noise Reduction separate menu. Just click RETURN / BACK button on the remote.
For others, the features may already be on the screen which can be accessed by pressing the down/up key of the remote. Or try scrolling to the right on the Advanced Settings.

Ill disable everything that is related to image cleaner or booster.

Auto Clean, MPEG NR (noise reduction), DNR (digital noise reduction), they just have to go.

Some TVs have Cinema Mode. Try toggling either settings and see which works better. My Toshiba has lesser delay with it enabled.

Now for an added advice, ensure your colour temperature is set to Natural else your image will appear too blueish or reddish.

B. Image is too bright or dull, and how to ensure your TV will be able to last longer.

Remember the previous settings set to Dynamic? This is where I will adjust several settings down as Dynamic will set everything at maximum, which is supposed to irritate your eyes.

Backlight: The higher you set, the faster the LED or CFL tube light will ‘die’. Reduce it. Depending on where the TV is placed, you can set between 50% to 85%. In short, the lower you set, the lower the power consumption and heat production, thus longer TV life.

Contrast: Most old tube TVs had did setting at maximum, and woah, no you dont wanna do that on your LED/LCD or plasma. Reduce it. Settings between 75% to 90% should be good.

Some TV has a contrast boost setting, or image enhancer. You may want to disable them to reduce picture lag, if disabling them resulted in a dark picture, enable them a low or medium settings.

Brightness: This affects how bright the pixel will appear. No, you should be fine at default 50%.

Colour: Again, this settings should be defaulted at 50%. You dont need to tweak unless you want to increase or reduce the details intensity which will affect output quality.

Tint/Sharpness: Again another settings which you usually do not need to adjust. Keep it at default, or zero for this case.

*Some TVs do not use % for their settings. They have a scroll bar that can start from 0 to 10/15, or have a balanced setting of 0 and can go to -15/-30 or +15/+30 . Auto adjust your understanding of these explanation on these scenarios. 

If you are totally lost, set the picture mode back to Standard / Default.

Lastly, always ensure your TV is not installed near heat producing sources. Clean the air vents regularly by using a vacuum cleaner and do not blow the dust inwards.

Ok, now do the same for other sources by changing the Input Source (i.e. TV, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Video 1, Video 2) and checking their individual Picture Settings.

C. Volume imbalance.

Some TVs have auto volume leveller. Enable this function under Audio Settings.

For my Toshiba TV, they dont. You will need to adjust the Audio Level Offset.

Ill set it upward to +6 or +8. This will upblast the volume for channels with soft sound output, so you do not need to set to insane volume and get a shock when you switch sources.

And yes of course, if they have settings such as virtual surround, bass boost or Power Bass Booster, any kind of enhancer such as Vocal Boost, disable them. The TV speakers can do so much, you may destroy the sound output quality or the speakers themselves. 

Keep the audio settings (treble, bass, balance) at default.


Macam Faham Je..

July 28, 2016


Like as if she understand only..

La la la la la..

Ok la, she now claims the show was boring.

You mean the music cannot make it?

Going. To. Sleep. Soon.