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Wah. Reserved to Compulsory Seating?

June 21, 2012

Whatever lah.

First the trains have changed from Reserved to Priority Seats.
Then, they came out with different colour codings in a row of seats.

Then people started thinking they freaking belong to this priority seatings!
People fight because of seats.

Even myself, I don’t give a damn.
When I’m tired.
Ill seat wherever there’s empty seats.
I pay for a seat in the trains, not stand my whole life ok?
Damn it!

Came across before.
Old people.. Im sorry.. Well dressed rich bastards nannies stood in front of me.
I was sleeping.
Darn tired.
Felt someone kicked my legs. My feets.
Woke up.
They stared at me.
I stared back.

They mumbled some alien languages. And seems to be testing my patience.
I shouted ‘Gi jahanam musibat! Mak bapak kau tak ajar tata tertib ke, babi!’
(Go and rot in hell bitch! Your parents never teach you manners or what, swines!)
They returned with cibai here and there, forgetting I don’t have want and they forget their stink like shit as well.

Trust me, I don’t go around scolding and cursing people unless I’m really tired and someone pissed me off way beyond my patience.


Whatever it is.
With recent conflict of a nice lady giving way to an old lady (faggot to be exact)..
People came out with a better logo.