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More Louder..

December 17, 2016

Yet compact..

Yet powderful..

Opps. Powerful. Like seriously.

There’s even a Sound Blaster app to remotely control the speaker settings.


Roar. Level.

June 29, 2016

Nothing much here.

Just my sound companion.

And some of the old-ies..

New Portable Babies

June 21, 2012


Smartphone users know they face one dilema.
Battery life.

As such.
I got myself a portable charger.
With 2 USB ports.

For myself, and someone special to me.

It worked great.
Only problem was getting it charged up.
So choosy.
I got like so many variant of USB chargers.
But it worked with 2 models.

Afterall, it still manages to recharge itself.
After a long 6hours process.

Looking for a New Loudspeaker System…

March 26, 2011

Like before.
Dying for a new stereo loudspeaker system.
Not those crappy ones that either blast vocal range too loud and misses out the bass, or those that muffles badly when blasted out loud.

Just want one that uses rechargeable battery.
Make sure the battery can be changed easily when required.
Preferably those compatible with 3.7V BL-5C battery, so it can be used for both the speaker and my phone.
It charges via USB cable.

Battery life is an important factor. At least 10hrs play time at high volume would be great.
Power output?
Nothing less than at least 2.5W per channel.
Bass duct opening is a must have so it doesn’t miss out that low-end bass boom when you place your ears near it.

Maybe this is what I NEED!
Waiting for my next month’s pay.