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Special Event.

August 15, 2017

Special kind of rental bus.

Its amazingly green. Cool. Unique. Spacious. Largest. Quietest. Sprinter as well.

Here it arrives.

Yup. Singapura’s first electric bus company.

Who doesnt know HDT? That uses BYD vehicles.

All on board.



December 21, 2016

So, there was a visitor.

And a bunch more of the others as well.

And it goes like..

Kinder: Hey hi!

m&ms: Yea, whatever la k?

In Case of Emergency..

December 17, 2016

Break glass?

Like, hmm.. Seriously?

They have always assumed its easier to just walk over the other door if there is a need to use it.

They think what, SG getting less crowded these days?

More Louder..

December 17, 2016

Yet compact..

Yet powderful..

Opps. Powerful. Like seriously.

There’s even a Sound Blaster app to remotely control the speaker settings.

Wei.. Who’s That?

December 17, 2016

In yellow..

Enter What..?

December 10, 2016

Guys, please.

If you are selling something..

Please dont confuse others:

Enter what? Walao..


December 4, 2016

She only chooses my brother when it comes to..

Nah.. Scratching that spot made her more guan..


Where To Next..?

October 31, 2016

That boredom has suddenly striked me again.

Just feel the need to go somewhere, somewhere where I have never ventured to or for so long since I came to.

And frankly speaking, Im into calm quiet places..

So, where to next?

Sad. Emo. Kitten.

October 20, 2016

Lately she’s been like an emo kitten.

Well, what to do?

Totally not bothered with anything..

Indirectly, its saddening..

How High..

October 13, 2016

Would She Go?

Blaa blaa..

Black cat..

Have you..

Any fear?