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What. Ever.

July 27, 2016


Its just the house cat Gegirl with her funny expressions.

Ok. Im sleeping.

Wait what?

You took a pic of me?


Snap. Snap.

July 25, 2016

Nothing much in this article.

Just me. And Gegirl.

Ok lor.

I leave you alone.

Moody Gegirl

July 25, 2016

She’s been super moody today.


“No. I’m so not in the mood.”


Gegirl. And The Window.

July 21, 2016

And the attempt to, escape?

Woah, girl you need to know the danger of jumping off a building.

I know something out there seems interesting, but, psst.. Hey hey..

Still no response.

Ok. Thats in. Im moving in. Haha..

But no. Not on my lappy..

Gegirl. Just Her.

July 17, 2016


Blurry pic.

Closer a bit. Still blurry.

“Ya what do you want?”


Bluek. Bluek..

Excuse Me. Ill Pass.

July 13, 2016

Sometimes cats can be, well cats.

Let me pass..

But proof is, she doesnt just wanna pass.

She wanna take a look at that glass bowl filled with white chocolate.


And, well, this was supposed to be the way.

Taken from the other day.

“Ill take my move..”

Urgh. Dont Wanna Wake Up..

July 12, 2016

So apparently, she was sleeping.

And I decided to, well, you know..

Take her out of the cage.

“No.. I aint wanna wake up, yet..”



Ok lor. Act cute..

Go back to sleep lor..



Win liao..

Yes, What?

July 11, 2016

Cats can be quite weird.

One moment they are calm, can be petted.

The next they sprint as fast as they could..

Seems to kena spasms of some kind, scratching and biting (with some form of love) suddenly..

But hey, who could resist their expressive cute faces.

Like this egoistic looking one?

Maybe Ill close in a bit.

How about this one?

Or this one where she seems to be in some kind of thoughts..


Just My Brother.. And The Cat..

July 11, 2016


She picks who she wants to be.

Only he can make her go to sleep.

Ive tried. It wont work.

Hold my paw, dont let go.

She still hates the pillow though.

They can sleep close to one another. When I try to step in, the instant ‘Yes what?’ reaction kicks in.

Technically, Im jealous. Hahaha..

Gegirl. Pretty.

June 29, 2016

First cat in the house.

And yeap, she seems to like what I like.

When she was still tiny weeny small..

Nay, she disliked ‘basket home’. This one I assure you she’s acting only.

What else ah?