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Once Upon A Fan..

November 7, 2016

Before this, one person mistakenly posted something regarding a mispelt Morries fan, as Memories fan.

Now, this.



Spelling Plays A Part

August 20, 2016

.. even for brandings.

You see, this is one sad case, I shall say.

A fan that brings back..

.. Memories. Hehehehe..

Sorry seller, got to share this.

No offence. Peace.

DC Stand Fans.

July 11, 2016

Once upon a time, DC stand fans were expensive.

Taiyo sold it for >SGD$129.

Mistral sold it for >SGD$149.

Iona sold it for >SGD$80.

Midea sold it for >SGD$149.

Akira sold it for >SGD$99.

(Prices are estimates based on what I last saw, and NOT dated to the date this post was up.)

So I got the remoteless Akira and should-last type of analogue rotating switch at SGD$79.90 (now SGD$99 at stores).

(In fact I had 3 at home.)

And Giant Singapore sold the with-remote model at less than half its original price.

If you need a fan to save power, you waiting for what? Haha..

Im really into saving energy. While keeping my cool.

It’s A Warming Earth

June 19, 2012

Trust me.

In the past.
I’ve lived with 12′ fans.

I’ve been sleeping with speed 1.

Now, the whole house have been upgraded with fans bought by me personally.
Sleep with speed 2 or 3 (full blast).

Yet getting sleepless nights thanks to the heat.

God, cool us down.