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Right. Right.

June 29, 2016

Like seriously, it’s strange but it happened.

Almost everyone is sitted on the right side.. including the driver.


Roar. Level.

June 29, 2016

Nothing much here.

Just my sound companion.

And some of the old-ies..

Red. Hot. Burger.

June 29, 2016


Its nothing new. But its still new because some people have yet to try it.

It’s weirder than McSpicy for sure.

Gegirl. Pretty.

June 29, 2016

First cat in the house.

And yeap, she seems to like what I like.

When she was still tiny weeny small..

Nay, she disliked ‘basket home’. This one I assure you she’s acting only.

What else ah?

Mid 2016. Literally mid-2016.

June 29, 2016

So the last time I updated my page was like, a few years ago?
3 maybe?
Oh well, it’s already 2016.

A lot has changed.
Some gains, some loses, some love, some pain, some laughter, some tears.

There are still dreams that have yet to become reality.
Some seemingly seemed impossible but I never stop praying for them to come true, even if it’s just partially.

The Truth About My Feelings..

May 8, 2013

.. towards you.

Months have passed by and yet..
I’m struggling hard to forget your name.
I’m crying silently to forget the pain.
I’m forcing myself to forgive your wrong doings.
What’s more important is that I’m dying to see you once again.
I really wanna hug you again.
I really wanna you to appear again in my life.

Numerous people came into my life.
Who knows God sent them as I have prayed for a replacement.
God indeed answered my prayer, but I’m the one who seem reluctant to accept now.

None replaced your kindness you had for me, and my family.
None replaced your weirdness, those that you do when you’re in the wrong world.
None replaced your patience you showed towards me.
None replaced your sincerity you had for me.
None replaced your willingness to want to be with me.
None replaced your ability to make me smile.
None replaced your qualities despite having your own sets of weaknesses.

I still sounded harsh against you.
I still seem to curse at you whenever I had the chance.
But deep inside lies a voice so loud.
Hoping you would hear it, that the actual feeling is the exact opposite.

Time changes, people changes.
What I hope was the feelings you had for me will resurface again.

I’m not asking for much.
I’m not forcing for the situation to be what I want.
But if really I am given another chance.

I just want you to be back here.
Back here in my life.


God, I Still Loved My Dear

January 17, 2013

Dear God.

Im writing to express myself.
I know I have always hurt my dear each time my dear hurts me.

I never expected time changes everything.

In the midst of anger.
My dear didnt know deep inside I want to change everything.
I hope and prayed for the better.

But reality states otherwise.
Youve changed.
Youve found a new one.
Deep in my heart, I truly cannot accept it.
But what am I?
I am just an ordinary human with weakness.

Dear God.
I regretted what has happened.
Sweet and sour memories played in my brain almost everyday.
I woke up in shock hoping my dear would have messaged me.
Hoping my dear would have called me.
But then it was me chasing after my dear the whole way.

Dear God.
I prayed there will be that last chance.
For us to be together again.
For me to feel the love, the care, the feeling of having someone by my side again.
For my heart still hopes for the best.
But my eyes and ears heard and saw otherwise.

Dear God.
You are the Almighty One.
You are the Most Forgiving and Caring One.
You are the listener of all cries, all hopes, all dreams of your creations.
I truly hope you can give me that one more chance.
Show me your guidance, help return my dear to me one more time.
Guide me to take better care the next time.

For now, everytime I prayed to you.
Or finding peace.
My tears flowed out itself.
My heart ached badly.
And the silent prayer speaks inside of me.

Dear God.
I seek your forgiveness.
I seek your guidance.
I seek your acceptance to fulfill my prayer.
To have my lover back in my arms once more.
For I really hoped for that.

God’s Willing I hope my prayer will be answered.

My dear, I am truly sorry. I really needed you badly. I really needed you in my life again.
Please give me one more chance.
Deep inside of you.
I know you recalled the moment we were together.
I prayed God will open your heart one more time.
To accept me.

P8: The Game’s Over

October 16, 2012

The Game’s Over

You’ve read it
It’s over, truly over
Just that’s it nowhere close to a clover
But I guess you will just hover
Wherever you stand now
Apologizes, but I can’t hold it any longer
For you know I can’t be a supporter
For all the lies you’ve been spattling all over
Oh my, I truly lost my power
To keep the flame any lower
For all I know
Your intentions were never to hurt me
But surely you know
I can only accept nothing less than the truth
So why do you keep doing it?
Plainly over and over again?
You told me you’ve loved me, you’ll always need me
You are always waiting for me
But wait!
For what I know, I felt like at the bottom of the rest

You’ve missed my messages
You’ve missed my calls
Yet you replied to those tweets
You commented on new posts
You even liked those photos
But not a pinch of dust lands on my messages
Making me feel like I’m dying to hear from you again
For my heart has pierced deep inside
It’s badly broken
I guess the love game, is purely over (for now)

Signing off,
Muhammad Taufiq Abdullah (TiNNiTuS TauFiQ)

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P7: Just Breathe and Believe

October 16, 2012

Just Breathe and Believe

Life ain’t easy
No one’s denying
It ain’t perfect
No one’s defending
Nor it is always by your side
That’s something everyone will agree on
But then again
Why let negativity bring you down?
Why not look at the positive side?
Behind every challenges lies a door
A pathway to the next challenge
With every challenge comes a battle
A battle we are supposed to be capable
Should be able to resolve
When the tough gets tougher
Stop, breathe in and out deeply
Say your prayers, believe God is by your side
For God has promised will show you the solution
To every problems you will face
Since God was the One
Who believes you are capable of handling
Every challenges God tests you on

Signing off,
Muhammad Taufiq Abdullah (TiNNiTuS TauFiQ)

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When Will YOU Stop Hurting Me?

July 11, 2012

We fought.
It was a mean fight.
Vulgars spill like a leaking bottle.

I was furious.
Just because this person I loved..
I got to know.
This person have been telling me ‘white lies’.
Broke nearly every promises we pledged between us.

And yet this person acted like everything was normal.
When will you stop hurting me?

Im telling you..
I am extremely down.
This the extend I can just let go of you without giving a damn that I know you will miss me.
And even if I were to miss you.
The pain outruns that feeling.

Im begging..
When will you stop hurting me?
All I ask was to keep to what we have agreed..