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Sharp. Aquos.

July 3, 2017

Presenting Sharp. Aquos. Swipe Pair.

And Gegirl of course.

Amazing isnt it? 2015 technology.


Android Gallery. Blank. Missing Items. No Please..

August 16, 2016

*updated 23 Aug 2016. My bad. I forgot about clear thumbnail caches.

It happens.

One fine day, you open up your Gallery and you will be shocked to find out:

  1. Damn! Where did my photos go to?
  2. Where are my videos?
  3. What the.. My screenshots!

In some cases, some appeared. The rest, the more suay ones will see a blank gallery.

Then again, here is the catch.

You opened up a file manager app (i.e. File Manager or File Commander), you still see your photos or videos there (usually inside Internal or SD Card, under DCIM folder), or if you are an organizer, your personally created folders and their contents are still intact.

So, what now?

Usually, the issues are with 2 main Android apps: Gallery and Media Storage apps.

I recommend if you have the time, do a backup immediately, either via cloud storage apps or a PC/laptop, before proceeding.

1. Go to Settings, open up Apps or Applications

2. You may need to scroll to the right or left, or select from a dropdown selection menu, and choose to view All Apps.
Now, we need to target the two problematic apps, and Clear Cache, Clear Data and Force Stop them.

So first, as above, look for Gallery and click it.

Hit Clear Cache, followed by Clear Data then Force Stop. Now, lets proceed with Media Storage app as well.

Look for Media Storage, click on it.

Again, hit Clear Cache, followed by Clear Data then Force Stop.

3 . Now, we need to clear old thumbnail caches. Use a File Manager app, and search in both Internal Memory and SD card if applicable, go into DCIM > .thumbnails folder, clear everything in it. Do the same if you see .aux folder, clear all the contents inside.

Once done, reboot your Android device.

Upon reboot, allow your device to boot up first, not opening anything within the first 2minutes after powering on.
Then, open up Gallery again, and give it time to update the lists/folders/media items.

Psst. Have you secured your Android devices? Read up here.

Malicious. Site. Detected.

July 12, 2016


Today is the first time I saw Asus Web Browser actually alerting me when a webpage I am viewing decides to redirect me to a, well, malicious site.

And yes, unfortunately, Avast AV (Mobile Security) for Android wasnt compatible but at least it works with Chrome on my Android.

Ok, here was its alert. For the curious ones.

And yes, I forgot to share.

Asus uses Trend Micro Dr. Safety AV which is a recommended add-on, but not installed by default. Its pretty good, but not user friendly (ok la, let me direct, not a bit user friendly for goondus..)

Strangely, one of their previous firmware upgrades saw CM Security installed without my consent.

In case you want to try it out, tadaa..

Look for it at Play Store:

Psst. Have you secured your Android devices? Read up here.


July 11, 2016

Just a cracked and dead digitalizer Phablet.

Manage. Home.

July 11, 2016

Nothing much.

Just me enjoying the Asus UI.


Psst. Have you secured your Android devices? Read up here.

Secure Your Android Devices

July 11, 2016

*Avast has updated their Android application, as such several screenshots here may differ from the most current version. Please proceed with care.*

The threats are real.


Your smartphone is vulnerable, even with frequent updates.

If you are using an Android device, it can be secured swiftly. And you SHOULD be securing every one of them.

(I am not affiliated with Avast! or Bitdefender, but have been using their AV for years on Android, Windows and/or Mac OS. They have been performing well.)

You may want to install the AV I had install on my Androids.

This setting in Android Security is NOT ADEQUATE. Even with it disabled, technically should not allow application from unknown sources to install, malwares can still creep in via other sources. 

And guess what? They have successfully managed to do it, installing Trojans and creating havoc to user later.

1st: Open Google Play Store. Search, download and install ‘Avast Mobile Security‘ or ‘Avast Antivirus & Security‘. The name is dependant on your Android device brand/name/version.

2nd: Open/launch the application once installation is done. Proceed by accepting the terms and conditions. Scroll all the way to the right, enter into ‘Settings‘.

3rd: Scroll all the way down. We start with privacy settings. Select ‘Community‘. You may want to tweak alike to my settings.

4th: Click back. Now lets head to ‘Notification‘ to make sure the app doesnt irritate you. You may want to follow alike to my settings.

5th: Click back. Now lets head to ‘Protection‘. For me, I’d disable the auto scan as I usually do a manual scan once every 2 weeks. 

Click on Scheduled Scan, hit the top right slide button. Done.

Technically, we are almost done with the set up.

Click back and all the default Protection settings are almost good to go. Just make sure App Install, File and Web Shields are enabled.

(Some Android OS may have a feature missing. Do not panic. As long App Install and Web shields are available, this avast! should still be providing you good protection.)

For newer Android OS, you will need to manually enable Chrome Support.

Ok. Now left the scanning part. Go back into the main screen, and scroll left till you see a page that allows you to do a scan. Hit Scan This Device.

If a threat is detected, follow instruction to clean. Usually you need to remove the app or files.

And as an added bonus, you can always use the extra features the app has to offer.

Boost your phone if it suddenly lags, first by ending all apps tasks, then launching this app and choosing Boost Phone, or even after you do a scan.

And of course, clearing copied items. Clear Clipboard helps you purge any links or anything you copied from within your phone.

P.S. If you have a slow Android device that is lacking space, you can try Bitdefender Free. Its an excellent alternative, without browser or realtime file protection though.

Download > Install > Accept Terms & Condition > Scan

But take note: Bitdefender Free uses cloud technology thus will only work with a working Internet (WiFi or Mobile Data)

(#random) My Mobile Partner

July 11, 2016


Oh ya.

I forgot to share.

All the new 2016 posts pictures here are taken via my Asus Zenfone 2 phone.

It aint that good, but its good.

Asus. Zenfone. 2.

Psst. Have you secured your Android devices? Read up here.

Cannot Connect To Camera

June 19, 2012

Oh well.

Dual camera.
I’m bloody impressed.

Was so happy snapping with my XPERIA play only to realize..

No zoom.
5MP, hmm.. Still OK.

Switched to front camera.
The bullshit came.
And bricked my phone camera function.

Until I’ve found CAMERA MOD for XPERIA PLAY.

TQ Sony Ericsson, now dead, replaced as SONY.