Letter for uMobile

So today, I’ve sent in another complaint to them via their web form.

Hi team,

This is my 2ND TIME I am writing in to report about your worsening coverage and Internet speed. Till date, NO REPLY was given from your end.

Being a frequent traveler to Malaysia, when I first bought the uMobile prepaid number a few years back, I was happy initially.

The performance, signal coverage and speed degrades months then. Apart from the woes of a bad service quality, I am also annoyed by the SMSes sent by uMobile, late into the night or early morning. Those are seriously un-welcomed.

I have colleagues and friends who used uMobile, and their feedbacks have been negative too.

Why in Malaysia am I on roaming whenever the 3G/4G signals went bust, and you are stuck in 2G? I was appalled when a friend called in and mentioned he was told we users would be charged for the data usage should we proceed to turn on ‘roaming’ mobile data, when we are in Malaysia ourselves?

In the first place, you should have been offering a solid 2G network with good low-end Internet service for worst case scenarios, not just leave to the parent service provider company you are simply tapping on?

I also observed lots of places, like indoor malls (such as City Square to name one), where the signal went to none when other users of other service providers are still able to get connected; name it, SMS still works, call still works, even Internet still works.

I seriously hope uMobile will do their utmost best to significantly overhaul their worsening coverage and speed issues rather than boasting about great deals and such.

I am expecting a reply from your end soon.

Thank you.

#umobile #nowhateit #horriblespeed #horriblecoverage #nosenseofurgency


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