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KDK 18inch Wall Fan

July 3, 2017

Apparently, the more than a year old Toyomi was making lots of noises.

And the one in my parents’ room decided to stop oscillating properly.

So, yeap. Time for a new set.

Presenting this..

Initially was thinking if this is too big.

But come on. 18inch. KDK. 65W motor, aint that efficient enough?

Ok, got to admit KDK printed it as 60W though the manual specs state otherwise.

Got a positive remark from my mum.

Just be careful though. The front grille seems to be flimsy it not secured properly.


Just. A. Chandelier.

July 3, 2017

With LED bulbs.

Nice. 4W per bulb against 40W per old bulb (well one was still present, in warm white).

KDK. Ceiling Fan, Fail?

July 3, 2017

Technically, any SGean would know, KDK and Panasonic makes reliable fans.

Right? No? How can that be?

So, this DC fan T60AW has a slight problem with its based cover.

Being a fanatic in cleanliness, I wipe clean it once a week. And surprisingly, due to its design, you do need to wipe along a small line as dusts WILL rest along the edge of the cover underside.

So, does it still works?

Yes, it still spins. Unless you wanna snap the only cable causing it to dangle, and effectively killing its thermal sensor as well as the LED to indicate timer is enabled, you can brainlessly operate it.

Btw, Ive already replaced it with K15UW, imported set as we cant wait for them to come down to… fix 2 screws that fall off when we tilt the dismantled fan.

Sharp. Aquos.

July 3, 2017

Presenting Sharp. Aquos. Swipe Pair.

And Gegirl of course.

Amazing isnt it? 2015 technology.