Why Windows (10)?

Ok, this is so gonna be a random post.

Why, I really preferred Windows:

  1. Its not Mac OS.
  2. Its easier to manage; CMD is easier than Terminal, even Control Panel is way easier on Windows.
  3. BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is our best friend, to inform us of a software compatibility or possible hardware failing issue. In Mac, you usually dont get random crashes, which may sound good, but next thing, you tried to start up a Mac machine and you get a folder with a question mark.. Woot! That feeling..
  4. UI (User Interface)? Hey, they feel the same these days, especially if you use Windows 10. Multi screen, perfect transitions.
  5. Compatibility with almost all sort of devices, Windows offer many alternatives, Mac restricts then gives you limitation nonsenses.
  6. Battery life; no Im serious. If you set the correct settings, and manage your applications properly, a Windows portable machine can play well alongside a MacBook. I had an Aspire laptop from Acer years ago that outlasted 8hours when on Centrino.
  7. Virus? What virus? Windows may sound more vulnerable, but MacOS needs an antivirus also these days. Can I cough on the likes of MacKeeper? And take note, security patches are made available on either OS on a frequent basis, and most Mac users are guilty of not updating regularly.
  8. Varieties. Options. Admit it. Everyone have different preferences, and Windows is supported on various brands and models, so go ahead and choose which you like. Some are detachable, rotate-able, transformable. Mac? Sit tight there.
  9. Portability. And connectivity. Hey, even the slimmest Windows machine (cough.. cough.. Xiaomi? HP?) offers a proper USB port, and even HDMI out. The Macbook? One USB Type C and you need an adapter to connect to power, USB and HDMI, and man, that thing heats up so much.
  10. Cross device/platform compatibility. Windows won it here; they had it on mobile devices, laptop/notebook alikes, and desktops.

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2 Responses to “Why Windows (10)?”

  1. jon Says:

    Your reasons why you like W10 than OS X are all valid but for me, the most compelling advantage W10 has is its touchscreen ability. I’m using a HP 360 laptop that could be used in many configurations rendering any laptop or desktop operating system in the dust. Being able to rotate the screen and use my fingers to draw, paint, type, etc., is priceless. It’s addictive, really.

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