How to Improve Wifi Connection? Hmm..

Ok. There have been a few articles that claims to have guides to improve your home wireless, but let me summarize for you in the most ‘out of heart’ way.

Why? Simply because they talked about the band differences, and how the newer tech manages to bring more speed.

1st. You need a good working dual band router. It needs to be able to support Wireless-N and AC, if not AD also.

2nd. Your devices need to support dual band wifi as well. Those on Wireless-N is the recommended minimum, else AC and AD is the better choice.

3rd. Where you place your router matters. It needs to be in an open space, away from other ‘wireless’ devices, and away from glasses or mirrors.

4th. While its true 2.4GHz is very crowded these days, you can get the best performance by using a wifi analyzer, and changing the wireless channel of your router to the least congested settings.

See, how congested?

And yes, the auto channel settings on routers these days simply sucks, dont rely on them.
(Tip: I usually use either channel 6 or 11.)

5th. Its true 5GHz band has a lower coverage than 2.4GHz, its best you stay on the lower end frequencies for maximum performance.

(Tip: Really, 5GHz has a weaker coverage, and lower frequencies have been said to be able to cover a wider area, stick to the first few available channels.)

6th. Your routers needs to be restarted, or in short rest, once in a while. Maybe once a week, with a power down for at least 30seconds?

7th. Use a surge protected extension way for your routers and/or modems as well, and if you are on fibre, the ONT. If your Internet uses RJ11 cable, get an extension with filters/protection for that cable as well, to maximize protection and minimize interference.

Additional Notes:

Newer routers have newer technologies that may help speed up your wifi:

  • MU-MIMO (Multi User – Multi Input Multi Output); allows data to transmit between more devices and the router compared to older SU-MIMO technology, and yes! This really helps.
  • Beam forming ; it allows the router to be smarter by targetting devices connected to it, beaming wireless signal straight to these devices other than widespreading it.
  • More antennas with better processors and larger RAMs

(As to keep the article short and confusion away, Ill not explain them here.)

Upgrade them, once every 2 years, to ensure you are on pace with the advancement.

BUT what if these doesnt help?

You maybe better off using wifi repeaters or homeplugs. 

Wifi repeaters amplifies or repeats your wifi signals, which I do not recommend as it adds another layer of processing of data, and some tests proved it slows down the speed as well.

Homeplugs uses your AC outlet to transmit data, and usually works better. Always plug straight into the wall outlet. Some have AC bypass, just see if you need them should your wall outlet be limited.

Be sure to get a pair or more with wifi support if you do not plan to use LAN cable.

And for the wireless module, refer to the manual to change the wireless name or password, but DO NOT USE THE SAME NAME AS YOUR MAIN WIFI strictly to reduce issues. Connect your devices that are close to the homeplug for wireless, just in case the main wifi gets cuts off.


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2 Responses to “How to Improve Wifi Connection? Hmm..”

  1. simplyhana Says:

    Great information sharing for the ‘know nuts’ people 🙂

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