Uber? Or Grab?

Actually ah it depends.

Both works as they should.

I havent try those car sharing thingy yet, so that part has to stay out.

But my preference would be for Grab. It seems more local friendly.

Uber seems to be a preferred choice for foreigners. Even the drivers proved me right when they ask ‘Why not just go for Grab or taxi?’

a. So, both allows you to choose what type of vehicle you want.

Uber (top) and Grab (below).

b. Both allows you, which they should, set your preferred pick up point and your destination. This is where Grab wins it. Its easier and straightforward to use!

Uber (top) allows you to set pick up location via GPS detection or you can always change it manually, with a bit of thinking what to press.

Only then you can choose your destination on the next screen, as well as payment method.

Grab (top) allows you to use GPS detected location, or you can manually change your pick up AND destination location by clicking the box.

Payment and notes for drivers (optional but please use it to make your waiting place info more accurate) will appear once both entries are filled. It easier, trust me.

So I usually opened Grab and sneak at its fares first. If I see a price surge, there you go. Exit. 

Launched Uber and for some reason, most of the time, there aint a price surge so Uber got the job for that moment.

And my experience for both has been positive. Its true most drivers are kind polite, drives safely, but there are times I feel like telling the driver ‘Just step on it (the gas aka accelerator). That driver who thinks he/she is the only driver for the road, suka-suka cut in cut off without signalling needs to be reminded!’

P.S. Several parts of the screenshots (for Android phones UI) have been editted, or cropped. As Im using a phone and not into those hyper editting mode, please bear with me and download the apps yourselves to experience it for yourself.


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