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The Truth About My Feelings..

May 8, 2013

.. towards you.

Months have passed by and yet..
I’m struggling hard to forget your name.
I’m crying silently to forget the pain.
I’m forcing myself to forgive your wrong doings.
What’s more important is that I’m dying to see you once again.
I really wanna hug you again.
I really wanna you to appear again in my life.

Numerous people came into my life.
Who knows God sent them as I have prayed for a replacement.
God indeed answered my prayer, but I’m the one who seem reluctant to accept now.

None replaced your kindness you had for me, and my family.
None replaced your weirdness, those that you do when you’re in the wrong world.
None replaced your patience you showed towards me.
None replaced your sincerity you had for me.
None replaced your willingness to want to be with me.
None replaced your ability to make me smile.
None replaced your qualities despite having your own sets of weaknesses.

I still sounded harsh against you.
I still seem to curse at you whenever I had the chance.
But deep inside lies a voice so loud.
Hoping you would hear it, that the actual feeling is the exact opposite.

Time changes, people changes.
What I hope was the feelings you had for me will resurface again.

I’m not asking for much.
I’m not forcing for the situation to be what I want.
But if really I am given another chance.

I just want you to be back here.
Back here in my life.