P8: The Game’s Over

The Game’s Over

You’ve read it
It’s over, truly over
Just that’s it nowhere close to a clover
But I guess you will just hover
Wherever you stand now
Apologizes, but I can’t hold it any longer
For you know I can’t be a supporter
For all the lies you’ve been spattling all over
Oh my, I truly lost my power
To keep the flame any lower
For all I know
Your intentions were never to hurt me
But surely you know
I can only accept nothing less than the truth
So why do you keep doing it?
Plainly over and over again?
You told me you’ve loved me, you’ll always need me
You are always waiting for me
But wait!
For what I know, I felt like at the bottom of the rest

You’ve missed my messages
You’ve missed my calls
Yet you replied to those tweets
You commented on new posts
You even liked those photos
But not a pinch of dust lands on my messages
Making me feel like I’m dying to hear from you again
For my heart has pierced deep inside
It’s badly broken
I guess the love game, is purely over (for now)

Signing off,
Muhammad Taufiq Abdullah (TiNNiTuS TauFiQ)

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