P7: Just Breathe and Believe

Just Breathe and Believe

Life ain’t easy
No one’s denying
It ain’t perfect
No one’s defending
Nor it is always by your side
That’s something everyone will agree on
But then again
Why let negativity bring you down?
Why not look at the positive side?
Behind every challenges lies a door
A pathway to the next challenge
With every challenge comes a battle
A battle we are supposed to be capable
Should be able to resolve
When the tough gets tougher
Stop, breathe in and out deeply
Say your prayers, believe God is by your side
For God has promised will show you the solution
To every problems you will face
Since God was the One
Who believes you are capable of handling
Every challenges God tests you on

Signing off,
Muhammad Taufiq Abdullah (TiNNiTuS TauFiQ)

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