You’ve Crossed The Line

I had enough of people hurting me.
I had enough of people lying to me.
I had enough of people taking advantage of me.
I had enough of people saying they cared for me when others seemed more important.
I had enough of bullshits people throw at me.
I had enough of everything.

People once say.
The person that tries so hard to make you happy, is in fact a lonely person.
But what people never sees, was the question why?
What they have been blinded was the fact that this person whom you’ve hurt so much wants to see happiness in others’ life.
Because of that, this person actually never took care of his/her own life!
May God repay this kindness if not on this temporary life, the eternal life after.
But the question returns, have this other person ever thought of returning the happiness of this lonely one?

I’m afraid not.
What they cared was they chased for their own life.
Filling their desires.
Filling their wants.
Getting the latest gadgets for show off.
Driving the best machines that showcase how much farking money its worth of.
Decorating the house, pretending its heaven when after all, it will be gone when the world ends.
Pampering themselves with relaxing tools and soothing facials and massages.
When they see shits, they pretended to be thankful to God for not letting them experience the shits.
But resumed life as if all is fine, all is peaceful.

God is kind.
Not all religious people have a kind heart.
Not all not so religious people have a black heart.
The truth is Ive came across people who seems so religious but never even have a pinch of feeling for others.
Why one who seems confused with life, always making other smile even though he/she cries in their dearly hearts, always praying for the best.
Because one should never forget.
Do you know the true process of death?
Do you even know what to expect during that process?
Have you forgotten God’s power?
Who knows the not so religious person sees God’s angels who assisted him/her just before he/she dies, because God promised never to let any of its creations suffer now and the life after?
And for the one, hypocrite, that pretends too much to be close to God, gets the opposite?
In this space, everyone prays hard to get the best in life and the life after.

I’m not challenging anyone.
I’m not challenging God in any sense.
God is perfect, we humans are not a pinch perfect.
We plan, we messed things up, we think of solutions.
I’m just portraying a message.
About the word faith now.
People say we humans only plans, God confirms the finale.
We live like a recordable tape.
We replay what’s been said, well planned, to happen.
Or are we really going through that?
Or is it just an excuse?

Even myself, Ive been praying all these while.
When I whine about God not answering my prayers, people remind me, don’t say that.
It’s either it will come later.
Or God has a better plan/gift for you.
They say its like I never trust and believe in God.
I do, but what they never knew, is that why are someone out there smiling when they hear my sufferings?
Why is someone whom I deemed special pretending like he knew nothing?

Whatever it is, I’m writing in to say..

You’ve crossed the line.
The line of my patience.
The trust I had for you.

In short, you’ve crossed the line I’ve drawn.


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