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Wah. Reserved to Compulsory Seating?

June 21, 2012

Whatever lah.

First the trains have changed from Reserved to Priority Seats.
Then, they came out with different colour codings in a row of seats.

Then people started thinking they freaking belong to this priority seatings!
People fight because of seats.

Even myself, I don’t give a damn.
When I’m tired.
Ill seat wherever there’s empty seats.
I pay for a seat in the trains, not stand my whole life ok?
Damn it!

Came across before.
Old people.. Im sorry.. Well dressed rich bastards nannies stood in front of me.
I was sleeping.
Darn tired.
Felt someone kicked my legs. My feets.
Woke up.
They stared at me.
I stared back.

They mumbled some alien languages. And seems to be testing my patience.
I shouted ‘Gi jahanam musibat! Mak bapak kau tak ajar tata tertib ke, babi!’
(Go and rot in hell bitch! Your parents never teach you manners or what, swines!)
They returned with cibai here and there, forgetting I don’t have want and they forget their stink like shit as well.

Trust me, I don’t go around scolding and cursing people unless I’m really tired and someone pissed me off way beyond my patience.


Whatever it is.
With recent conflict of a nice lady giving way to an old lady (faggot to be exact)..
People came out with a better logo.


Me and My Twin’s XPERIA Play

June 21, 2012


I hated my XPERIA Play so much.
But then.

Even my twin traded his Neo V for XPERIA Play.
We just loved the sliding function.

With not so big yet OK 4′ screens.
And a ‘board’ for you to hold the phone.
When watching videos no more fingers around your screen.

And the unique part.
No heavy casings.
Just different looks from ordinary XPERIA Play.

New Portable Babies

June 21, 2012


Smartphone users know they face one dilema.
Battery life.

As such.
I got myself a portable charger.
With 2 USB ports.

For myself, and someone special to me.

It worked great.
Only problem was getting it charged up.
So choosy.
I got like so many variant of USB chargers.
But it worked with 2 models.

Afterall, it still manages to recharge itself.
After a long 6hours process.

The ‘Safe’ World Class Transport

June 21, 2012

We used to have one of the best transport system.
One of the most efficient.
One of the most promising systems.
One of the most well said public transport service.

But now..

Oh please.
All that seems to have taken their own tolls.
Almost everyday we face delays.
Almost everyday we take buses without aircon.
Almost everyday we face leaking aircons.
Almost everyday we see ‘burnt’ badly maintained buses and taxis around.

The pic below explains it all:

What they are missing.
Are the cases of people jumping into MRT tracks.
Disrupting the services, our lives, like f***.

Hmmm.. Is this home?

June 20, 2012

In the morning..
Train packed like sardine..

3G network like shit.
Yet they boast so much abt 4G LTE.

When I see my surroundings..
If I ever had an airhorn, Ill freaking press and hold for as long as my ears can handle..

Too much aliens all over the place.
They don’t make feel this place is home.

I think we should just welcome water sprouts.
Tremors are the next big gift for these people.

With false promises, with ever growing greeds and lies.
I won’t be surprised if I am not the only one praying..
For the worst to happen..
Cause we have had enough.
This isn’t home that we used to be proud of.

Its A Cold.. Office..

June 19, 2012

Arrived office early.
Pitched black everywhere.
Only a few souls, wondering around in d dark.
What on Earth are they doing?

Ok then.
The office is unusually cold.

I forgot to take my antibiotics.
I missed my medications.
My palms are very, the cold.

Now before leaving..
Defragmenting my PC for a while.
In hope tomorrow it will be less laggy.

The Invention of The Word: BOOB

June 19, 2012

Oh my.

How true.

Why didn’t I think of that.

Well, just see below, OK:

Nice Effect.. @ MBS..

June 19, 2012

I was walking down with my supposed to be partner, but we’ve stick to be friends.

Then saw this view.

Took out my XPERIA play and snapped.
In the dark.
With just 5MP.

The output was.. Nice!

Do you agree with me?

*wink *marina bay sands

It’s A Warming Earth

June 19, 2012

Trust me.

In the past.
I’ve lived with 12′ fans.

I’ve been sleeping with speed 1.

Now, the whole house have been upgraded with fans bought by me personally.
Sleep with speed 2 or 3 (full blast).

Yet getting sleepless nights thanks to the heat.

God, cool us down.

TQ For Your Reply

June 19, 2012

This happens all the time.
Be it with someone special.
Or friends.

Trust me.
When was the last time you text so much.
Only to get a one word reply.

Kudos to the one that creates this image.

We should do this visually to the person we text.