Simple Quote

“To face the fact, I really hated life.

It sucks! It’s full of those crappy events that you can never ever change. It’s well written; God decides everything, we have no choice we just have to ‘act’ them out.

Has it ever come across you as to why such events must occur? Why such events cannot be avoided? Why would God want to make you feel miserable, feel sad and feel depressed at times? These are simply the perfect times you will bound to make mistake, hurt others feelings just like how your own feelings are hurt.

But then, as time passes by, God never fail to find ways to convince you, all your wrong doings can be forgiven. God will never fail to show you something that will make your heart sink. That will make you feel grateful for all you have gone through. For you to simply do one thing; repent.”


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One Response to “Simple Quote”

  1. Tinnitus Taufiq Says:

    Life. It’s like that. You can’t change your fate. You just live with it. Cause after all, we’re just plain humans. Ordinary humans who can never be as perfect as, the Almighty God.

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