Purchase Prepaid Top-Up Cards Online

Dear local prepaid lovers.
For those who love prepaid cards.
Prepaid cards that challenges you to control you mobile usage spending.
Yet one that’s tricky enough for you to see which service gives you the best value-per-cents.

Just found out one site that is able to make you purchase top-up cards, well, online.
Accepting either via local bank transfer, ATM or online banking, or PayPal and the results, acceptably swift too.

Just head on to SHWE Card SG, see which top up card(s) you want to purchase.
1> If you’re paying via PayPal, just use the online shopping basket mode, follow the steps and pay using PayPal.

2> Else follow the list of SMS codes, where you first do the interbank transfer and send an SMS to them with their preferred format (sc “bank name” order “SMS code” “quantity” ) to 9776 7158.

DBS Savings Plus > 033 – 6 – 071973
OCBC Savings > 517 – 544425 – 001
UOB Savings > 366 – 103 – 538 – 0


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