MS Office goes Cloud


With the never ending production of newer devices, portable devices to be exact, and never ending ability to utilize wireless ‘direct-to-satellite’ (that was what was claimed by service provider, though smart ones know signals from your mobile devices get captured by receiving/transmitting adapters/devices that sends data in/out via cables still) transmission to allow one to surf the Net possibly anywhere, you can always expect what people dream to come true.

I knew MSN Hotmail was one good example of a long time cloud-based service.
Auctions sites are another. Think eBay, the former Yahoo! Auction. There’s more.

Now even MS Office are going cloud-based.
The result?

You can access your data anywhere.
You can edit your data anywhere, plus now MS Office even allows you to edit them simultaneously with other users.
You just need a device that supports web browsing. (Plus maybe an app?)

Plus you even (may) need not even worry about ever losing another data.
Be it computer system hard disk crashing/dying.
Or laptop/notebook getting stolen.

Another big project that utilize cloud-based system.


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