Need an IT-related hardware/accessories? Go VideoPro…

Local people.
I knew of this site a few years back.
Used it to browse and compare prices for IT-related equipments.

Surprisingly, I have used it at last, and a very satisfied customer.
VideoPro Singapore is the answer to all your needs, online.

One good thing is that they accept cash on delivery (upon arrival of purchased item(s) sent to your house, or to another address that you may have specify during check-out).
So that means it will be handy to keep the payment cash on hand before you hit the checkout button.

Surprisingly, there’s an express mode where they can deliver to your place within 4 hours after you placed a successful order.

Then, for my case I opted for the normal mode where the item would be delivered within 5 working days, but yet within 4 hours they contacted me and the items I bought were delivered to me.

Friendly staff, good and fast service.

Would be happy to make another purchase soon (and that’s after receiving my next month’s pay to purchase new UPS, hard disk, extension plugs with surge protector, and maybe a couple of other IT stuffs).


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