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My Futuristic Dreams…

March 28, 2011

Or at least it should mean my dreams for my future.
Obviously, we’re seriously talking about the lack of time.
The fact that the world would really come to an end soon.

But like any other humans, I have dreams.
My dreams of achievements seems very impossible to achieve.
Yet I know it could come true.
Just need to pray and pray.

Put in an effort physically.
Nope, I mean plentiful of efforts.
Keep trying, every time one’s fail one should learn to find the mistake and solutions to it.
Then one tries to take another step, hoping not to commit the same mistake again.

So, what’s my dream?
Being rich?
Being famous?
Being religious?
Being generous?
Being able to do whatever sensible stuffs I have always wanted to do?
Check, recheck, and confirm, yes to all…


Notebook? Laptop? Netbook? Tablet PC? Smartphone?

March 26, 2011

In a perfect dilemma.
A dilemma that forces me to make that correct choice.
So what would be it?
Several factors I am dying to go for includes:

The perfect:
– Processor.
Its a world of multi-core system. A dual-core is now a basic requirement, maybe I should head out for quad or six-core system? AMD or Intel or VIA? Hmm…

– Screen size.
I can say 14′ and smaller screen would be an eyesore… opps! I mean an eye pain if one uses the system for so long, but a 8′ – 10′ tablet would be perfect for those move-about in at home.

– Back-lighting.
LED is a good plus point to boost battery life, but for notebook/netbook/laptop a good one should have an LED back-lighting for its keyboard keys too.

– Battery life.
Every manufacturers boasts about long battery life, but all refuses to tell you that is ‘when you use it at the lowest screen brightness, with all wireless switched off, no USB port in use, blaa blaa blaa. One that have at least 5hrs battery life would fit me well.

– Weight.
Yes, smartphones beats the rest being ultra-portable. But for me, a device that weights less than 2kg would be a great companion.

– Sound.
Yes sound for real matters to me. No more crappy screeching output from cheap built-in speakers, or those power-sapping but useless subwoofer vibrations from imitating sets. Harman Kardon, Altec Lansing, Yamaha built-in speaker system maybe? Hmm…

– Graphics.
What is graphic to me? Since I don’t play games, its good to know if it is always ready for those graphic-killing applications like video convertion, or should I suddenly become a game maniac. I hear nVidia and ATi makes good graphic cards, those I knew that since the first Win98SE PC came to my hands.

– Port, extensions, features.
USB ports at least 4, maybe heading for those that supports USB3.0 standard.
Display adaptor port at least 1.
Ethernet, yes.
Memory card reader, yes and a good bonus.
Bluetooth built-in, yes. Version 3.0 preferred.
Webcam, yes please.
Mic, speakers, yes of course.
DVD-RW driver, yes. I don’t think I will need those that support Blue-Ray just yet, and those with LightScribe? Hmm…
Oh my, smartphone has already left the game since the previous few factors, but then it can be used as a phone and several netbook already start supporting SIM-card function thus the netbook can be used as a phone too.

– Operating system.
No Macintosh please, I disliked that… 😛 Windows? Maybe, though they had always been problematic but usability never can be beaten. But likely I will load a Linux system for multi-boot compatibility.

So, which one fits?
I completely forgot one more factor.
The price… Where can I get that money?

Looking for a New Loudspeaker System…

March 26, 2011

Like before.
Dying for a new stereo loudspeaker system.
Not those crappy ones that either blast vocal range too loud and misses out the bass, or those that muffles badly when blasted out loud.

Just want one that uses rechargeable battery.
Make sure the battery can be changed easily when required.
Preferably those compatible with 3.7V BL-5C battery, so it can be used for both the speaker and my phone.
It charges via USB cable.

Battery life is an important factor. At least 10hrs play time at high volume would be great.
Power output?
Nothing less than at least 2.5W per channel.
Bass duct opening is a must have so it doesn’t miss out that low-end bass boom when you place your ears near it.

Maybe this is what I NEED!
Waiting for my next month’s pay.

Remittance – Telegraphic Bank Transfer (via POSB/DBS)

March 21, 2011

OK. This might be a bit outdated.
But I have just tried it out. And it works!

Transferring from a local bank, for my case POSB to Bank Nagari, to a friend of mine, who stayed in Indonesia, was easily done using iBanking and utilizing the Remittance service; known as Telegraphic Bank Transfer.
(New to iBanking? Register for one today!)
* Upon logging in, look to the left side panel, click on Funds Transfer then Remittance, selecting Telegraphic Transfer

All that you need were:
– Beneficiary’s address
– Beneficiary bank name
– Beneficiary bank address
– Beneficiary account number

– You can choose which currency you wished to transfer the amount as; I have picked USD as standard
* Be aware of the currencies differences. You can get an estimate via CoinMill
– Additional fees applies (approximately S$45 above the amount you are transferring)
– Time taken for the other party was within 5 days

Another alternative that I came across locally was from SingPost; offering the transfer via CasHome.
Yet to try this one’s out since the Telegraphic style costs way too much more.

I Wanna Know D Answer

March 21, 2011

For some reasons, several things popped up just like it used to do.
Making me remember the pain and sorrow, and piercing sharp sting that felt like it will be a permanent object/sense in my heart.

That was when for some reason I wrote the following comments:

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya hambaMu ini mahu mengetahui.. Apa sebenarnya yang sedang berlaku?

(Dear Almighty One, as one of your follower/believer, I want to know the reason.. The reason behind why things happened this way?)

Mengapa semua yang ada disampingku sering membawa kemarahan, kesedihan, keperitan, penghinaan pada diriku?

(Why those who are around me have the tendency to bring anger, sadness, pain and sorrow, insults to me?)

Mengapa daku rasa seperti setiap permintaanku tidak terkabul; sering diberikan sesuatu yangg jauh lebih kecil nilainya?

(Why do I feel like all I have ever prayed and asked from You never came true; or at least You gave me something else that felt so much lower than I wished it could come to me?)

Mengapa tiap kali daku bersikap seperti insan yang tidak bersyukur baru itu ditunjukkan orang2 yang hidupnya jauh lebih susah? Mengapa

(Why only when I acted like a bastard who never say Alhamdullilah, appreciating whatever You have given me all these while, then You send those who seemed to be living in a much more painful life?

* In some instances, there have been cases where:
– A disabled person who have no limbs/hands would suddenly pass by me, smiling at me
– An insolent-looking person who seems to be ignorant yet he/she reacted to incidents of old people dropping items, immediately giving assistance to them or giving up their seats for them
– A lady who stopped the bus driver where I am one of the passenger to run out an old man who suddenly collapsed to the ground, leaving others stunned


Apa sebabnya? Kadang kala rasanya bagai mahu qiamatkan hidup ini.. Udah terfikir dalam diriku untuk benar2 give up, tetapi.. Astagfirullah-halazim..

(What’s the reason hidden behind all these? At times I felt like giving up, I felt life is useless, just wanted to end my life.. I have thoughts of giving up, but this is not what a Muslim should be.. Astagfirullah-halazim..)

Mungkin benar2 sudah tiba masanya untuk tidak memikirkan apa yang lain mengatakan tentang diriku, untuk sentiasa beristighfar, untuk menentukan apa yang inginku benar2 capai pada masa akan datang?

(Maybe it is time for me to ignore all these, whatever people had to say about me, whatever people had against me, whatever hatred people felt towards me, to always seek forgiveness, to start thinking ahead and gave no chance for anyone to hinder whatever I truly wished to achieve in life?)

I may not be perfect.
But I am a normal human.
A human with limited patience.
A human who might be hypocritical at times.
But I truly don’t understand why some are so reluctant to give in to others.

M10 : Segalanya Tentang Kamu

March 5, 2011

Segalanya Tentang Kamu

Sayangku, tahukah kamu aku sentiasa memerlukanmu?
Tahukah kamu betapa diriku memerlukanmu?
Tahukan kamu betapa dalamnya cintaku pada dirimu?
Tahukan kamu betapa tidak aku ingin melepaskan dirimu?

Kamu telah membuatku kefikiranmu terus
Sentiasa memikirkanmu (Will always think of you)
Sentiasa mendoakanmu (Will always pray for you)
Sentiasa merindukanmu (Will always miss you)
Sentiasa mengingikanmu (Will always want you)
Sentiasa mengingatimu (Will always remember you)
Sentiasa mencintaimu (Will always love you)
Sentiasa menyayangimu (Will always care for you)

Senyumanmu selalu membuatku bahagia
Jadi janganlah kamu tinggalkan diriku
Kerana kamulah insan yang membuatku bahagia
Segalanya tentang kamu

Kerna aku akan…
Sentiasa memikirkanmu (Will always think of you)
Sentiasa mendoakanmu (Will always pray for you)
Sentiasa merindukanmu (Will always miss you)
Sentiasa mengingikanmu (Will always want you)
Sentiasa mengingatimu (Will always remember you)
Sentiasa mencintaimu (Will always love you)
Sentiasa menyayangimu (Will always care for you)

Signing off,
Muhammad Taufiq Abdullah (TiNNiTuS TauFiQ)

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