Addicted to Online Shopping

I admit it.
I’ve been so darn lazy.
I’ve been buying everything directly from the web.

The feeling of getting the item straight in my mailbox…
Yeah, that surpasses the long time to wait for it to actually arrive.

Be it battling with others thru online auctions, trying luck in Lucky Auctions, getting coupons to make the total price to pay cheaper, realizing plentiful of unique items you don’t see locally in any shops, getting something others will go like ‘Eh, where did you get it’ simply ignoring branded people who goes around showing off their new gadgets…

1st: Get PayPal
– Register using a working email address, and go through the registration process and get yourself verified by linking to your local bank account* or credit card(s)
* This might take a few days, so be patient, register, follow whatever steps required, then in a few days you are ready to top up PayPal and start shopping within a week

2nd: Auction, Bid/Offer to Your Max You’re Willing to Offer
eBay SG
Come on! You bid to the extend you are to willing to offer for the item you want. Else, be sure to just hit the ‘Buy Now’ button if you think the price is acceptable. Be sure to catch the catch, eh… I mean before confirming purchase the delivery charges.
Cute4Ever SG
It’s the same as eBay, but a ‘revamped’ Yahoo! Auction. So here goes the copied version as above: Come on! You bid to the extend you are to willing to offer for the item you want. Else, be sure to just hit the ‘Buy Now’ button if you think the price is acceptable.
GMarket SG
One of the best with plentiful of surprises. Collect stamps (as you make purchases) and coupons (there are links to claim coupons on a daily basis, but you can always exchange the G.Stamps you have collected for valuable coupons), and take part in the Lucky Auction/Auction and whatever they have for the month to see how much additional prizes you are able to win, or even get the item you wanted at a price so low you couldn’t believe your eyes.
IOffer International
This is different than eBay or Cute4Ever. You can always look for plentiful of items for sale that allow you to offer what’s the price you are willing to pay for the item desired. Plus, no more playing the luck game of bidding.

Or if you want, you can always get it directly from ‘online factory’ (for individual buyer purchases)*:
BuyInCoins International
TomTop International
Dr. Smarter International
A.Happy.Deal DragonsBrand International
Sourcing Gate China – International
* Be sure to Google for discount coupons

4th: Buy Everything You Need/Want At Once
– Don’t be too lazy, go through the list of items the seller has for sale, and purchase them together at one single time, so you can pay for all items using one transaction, and the items will come as one

5th: Opt for Registered Mail for Maximum Peace of Mind
* Unless your item is really small and minimal value/pieces

6th: Pay Using PayPal
– PayPal, the best way to pay online. I agree. Offering you peace of mind, you can start a case should you fail to receive your items within 40 days. For me, once the item didn’t arrive within 30 days, I will open a case. And if the item come faulty, I will open the case and request for a small compensation refund


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